Skinny Wednesday

Due to my obnoxiously long commute to Swegle every morning, I have once again become a fan of the radio. Whilst listening to the radio yesterday, I was surprised to learn it was Fat Tuesday. Who knew? I never celebrated lent growing up - my family isn't Catholic. But then my junior year of high school I had a revelation: why not celebrate lent? Why should it only be a Catholic tradition? What's wrong with giving up a temptation for 40 days in honor and sacrifice of the 40 days my Savior was tempted before giving His life for me?

That year, I gave up McDonalds cheeseburgers. No joke. I had a serious addiction and it was ridiculously hard for me. I specifically remember going to McDonalds on Easter, still dressed in my "Easter Church Clothes" (I get extra fancy for Jesus on Easter and Christmas), and practically melting at the taste of my delicious 99 cent burger. (Side note: I still absolutely adore McDonalds cheeseburgers. Sad, I know. It's my dirty little secret).

Since then I've given up some interesting things for lent: gossip, Myspace, etc. Last year, thanks to my friend Thomas, I got really creative and gave up makeup. 40 Days with no makeup. I wish I could say it was easy for me - that I'm confident enough in my "natural beauty" to know I do not need makeup in order to feel pretty. But that simply was not the case. Those 40 Days were excruciating. At first, I felt no need to even style my hair or wear nice clothes, because it didn't feel right without the "most important" part of my beauty routine. I remember feeling especially nervous to go to work. I work with a lot of incredibly beautiful women, many of whom wear a lot of makeup. I was convinced that it was somehow statistically proven that the more makeup you wore, the more tips you earned. I was wrong.

I learned a lot on that little lent journey. It was a struggle, but that's the point - right?

Anyways, this year I'm being slightly more cliche with my lent selection: I'm giving up sweets. My one exception will be fiber one bars. Mainly because I just bought three boxes on sale at Target the other day, and they are the perfect grab-and-go snack for my insane life right now. As I was reflecting on Day 1 of my life without sweets, I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of the picture below:

This is me during lent last year, celebrating my acceptance into the Ed Program with BAKED ALASKA made by my beautiful roommate Joelle. As you can see, I'm sans makeup, but have an amazing abundance of sweetness on my plate in front of me. I wonder if in a few weeks I will wish to trade places with myself....


Amanda said…
I remember you giving up cheeseburgers for Lent and thinking "We're not Catholic", but then thinking that it was very wise and dedicated of you to try it all anyways. And I remember you giving up MySpace as well but admitting that it wasn't that much of a sacrifice because you still had Facebook (for work purposes you claimed...) and I thought "Facebook, what's that?" Oh how times change and I can now join you and Shmem as official Facebook addicts.

Good luck with the whole giving up sweets thing. Better you than me! Tell Joelle that Baked Alaska looks yummy!
Vanessa's Dad said…
May God bless your efforts at obedience. I'm studying the life of Moses in Bible Study Fellowship. God does not tempt us with evil, but he tests us for obedience. Giving up something for Lent is setting yourself apart, which is a Godly thing, if you have the right attitude. You have the right attitude. :)
Kendra said…
I remember you giving up cheeseburgers, but I did not know about the Makeup!!! That is SO impressive Natalie, I really admire that. I could not do it.
Good for you, and I am sure you will be blessed for this!!