"He's Just Not That Into You"

I have been waiting for this movie to come out for over a YEAR!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the book years ago, bought it and loaned it out to some of my girlfriends who (amazingly) needed to read it more than me... and surprise surprise, never got it back.

But no matter, because the movie was absolutely fantastic!

Seriously so good.

Go see it.

But learn from my mistake: do not go see it with your significant other. haha They don't like knowing that we know all their little secrets. :)

After you see it, let me know what you think!


Kendra said…
I am so glad you got to see it!! I remember you talking about this book AGES ago!!
Amanda said…
Oh, I LOVE the book too!! And I was married to my wonderful hubby when I read it, but I still thought it was such a great book. You're the first person I know who saw the movie. Thanks for the review update. Jena and I are going to go see it. It will be the first movie I've seen in the theater since we moved back to the Mainland 14 months ago. I didn't even see the Sex in the City movie! Time to go see a chick flick with my girlfriend :)
Samantha said…
oh yes, I want to see this!

Hey- cool new blog background. You're like me, changing it all the time!
Samantha said…
after blog owner approval???! WHAT IS THAT?!
Vanessa's Dad said…
I saw the author on Oprah some time ago, and he had interesting interaction with the audience. One gal after another got up and gave some example of what was going on in their lives. And his comments could be considered cold, taken out of context. But, really he was saying something that became enouraging. Time after time, "Sounds like he's just not that into you.... You deserve someone who is..."
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I found your blog off of someone else's blog and I've been secretly reading it for a while. Blogging is the greatest creation ever! We both teach third grade! How sweet is that?! I'm an intern, so I haven't technically graduated, but I'm the real and only teacher so I feel like I am. It's the best!
Vanessa Brown said…
Mom, Emily and I just saw it today. I loved it! Very funny!