Today's lesson was a total success! In my literacy classes at WOU we always watch these videos of these "master teachers" directing amazing literacy lessons where kids are actually excited about reading. Now I can say I've seen it first hand! (Though I'm going to give credit to the fact that I held a hot cocoa party over their heads as reward if they were well behaved rather than my own master teaching skills) In any case, here are some pictures and videos of my darling class.

Proudly showing off her pictures.

I promise I did not pay him to look that interested - he was genuinely intrigued in her report!

I'm slightly jealous of these sweet pajamas.

Cheers to being done with this unit!

They were more than a little excited about their cocoa.

We love cooperative learning groups! (haha)

I think the sugar is kicking in here...

He calls this his "Beaver Face," and he talked about it in his speech entitled "What I'm Good At"

Who knew stir sticks could be so much fun?

And last but certainly not least, this is our office man. Yes, man. He's got quite the personality and really loves dress up days, as evidenced by this picture:

Here are some videos... I hope they work right (this was my first Windows Movie Maker Experience). The first video is of the Writer's Workshop song, the second is a series of clips of my students participating in the Author's Chair activity. I know you can't hear the last clip very well but it's one of my favorites because they had NO CLUE I was recording them and they are so focused and attentive - just look at how eager they are to raise their hands! :)


Vanessa's Dad said…
Very exciting. The photo's were great and the video's came out well, too.

Say, weren't those Brooks & Terry's cups for the hot chocolate! How nice for you and the kiddo's.

You make learning fun, darlin'.

e.brown said…
Haha love it! I really like the song :)

And yes, Natalie "is cute" Brown because that's what you put yourself as in my phone, and it still is that way.