Cadence is home and healthy! :)

It is 5:07 in the morning and I haven't gone to sleep yet. If I make it through another two hours of work I will have hit my 24 hour mark. Not necessarily something to be proud of, but at least something to keep me amused at my late hour.

My computer decided to randomly shut down just as I was inputting all my data for my worksample. And no, it did not save automatically. Rude.

I'm at a stand still on my worksample and it is very frustrating. I can't progress any further because I don't understand how to use excel. Super.

I believe sugar free red bulls are the key to my heart.

I could really go for a peanut buster parfait right about now.

My back kind of really hurts.

I'm probably going to really regret this decision whenever I finally DO get some sleep.

I cannot wait for this term to be over.

OH! I wrote little goodbye letters for my kids, since today (err... yesterday?) was my last day with them, and I am SO glad I did. For a half a second I was feeling like maybe I should have done something more "productive" with my time, but that was all pushed aside once I saw their faces as they read my letters. I'm especially glad I took the time to write PERSONAL letters to them, because then they got the opportunity to brag about themselves to one another ("She said I'M a gifted writer!" "Well she said I have a good voice!"). These kids have so many things going against them in life, I think they really needed the extra self-esteem boost.

Lordy Lordy, if firefox didn't have spell checker, this entry would be a disaster.

Suppose that's a sign I need to go to bed? Perhaps...

But I'm so close.........


Amanda said…
Oh Blondie, for a short second I agreed with you that perhaps your time would have been better spent working on your workstudy instead of writing each kid an individual letter. But no you are right, they needed that extra special boost. Every child deserve to feel special and know that they are good at something and that someone cares about them. Who knows, you might be the only person to convey that to a particular child all month long.

How rude of your computer! If you need Excel help, call. I'm fairly versed, so is Noah. We could try and walk you through your questions.

You'll make it work. I know will!
Kendra said…
What a sweet thing for you to do!!! That is so thoughtful of you to write letters to each student...that is above and beyond! And THAT is why you are going to make a fantastic teacher!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
U R sweet and special, and your kids know it. Oprah said her life was changed when her teacher (fourth grade?) looked right at her and told her she had pretty eyes.

You may never know what good your comments have done in the lives of your students.