Bangs, Thanks, and Jelly Beans.

The result of a very poor decision.
I tried trimming my own bangs on Saturday. Bad decision. Ended up being an expensive one as well, because when I scheduled and appointment to get them fixed I decided to get my whole head trimmed. Who knew my hairdresser (who, btw, is totally adorable and does a FANTASTIC job) raised her prices? $45. Yikes.

My friend Andrew and I celebrating his birthday. We are co-captains of an MS Walk Team. :)
Here is a big THANK YOU to Grandma Brown! She made the very first donation to my MS Walk Team for the 2009 Walk. :) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! (And don't worry, a handwritten thank you is on it's way... and may even be delivered in person because I miss you and need a hug!)

Would you like to be next? Simply visit and you can make your donation RIGHT THERE. You can donate to me personally or to my team in general (Team Hope - Salem Walk). Questions? Call or e-mail me!

And finally, Easter is coming up. You know what that means..... JELLY BEANS! I am shamelessly, hopelessly, and gloriously addicted to jelly beans and I am so excited for lent to be over so I can end the 40 day sweet-eating-hiatus. :)


Amanda said…
You're so cute. i finally got my hair cut for only the 3rd time 2 years. Sigh. but I just went to GreatClips. Your hair looks very cute. Yay for the MS Walk! I was going to do "Team Cadence" for the March of Dimes Walk but we will be in CT for a wedding when the walk is here in Las Vegas. Oh well, this April is pretty full anyways. Next year, maybe you can fly down. I want to have T-shirts made and everything. You have so much experience with organizing this kind of thing, I will be asking you for advice. Yay for jelly beans at Easter!!! Can't wait to hit up the half price sales on Monday morning....I don't need but really want the Whoppers Eggs...
Kendra said…
First off, how do you get your eyelashes to be so beautiful?! And don't say GOD because we share the same genepool. What kind of mascara do you use?
Also, I think the bangs and haircut are adorable!!!!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
Have I got a cup 4 U.