I have a more thought-provoking post saved in my drafts but no energy to finalize it yet, so you get my random thoughts instead:
  1. I am once again plagued with a nasty cold... coincidentally right as I'm about to take over my new classroom of students (remember last term?!).
  2. These second graders are BRUTAL!
  3. I just paid $55 to have my father's name removed from the title of my car. $55. The DMV should be paying ME money because I'm saving them 16 letters of print now that they no longer have to type his name on all my registration materials.
  4. Speaking of saving things, we had a meeting at Red Robin today where we learned about how the corporation is supposedly trying to become more "paperless"... and yet the meeting was filled with ridiculous activities, each requiring a plethora of paper, none of which will be recycled.
  5. My worksample for this term is on Dental Health.
  6. I wish we had three-day weekends. Saturday is supposedly my day of rest, but it rarely looks that way.
  7. Jelly beans are delicious. I brought a bag to church on Sunday and waited until the sermon was over to DIG IN! HOORAY, Lent is over.
  8. Next year for lent, I'm considering giving up anything except water to drink. Oh and maybe milk, too, since I still enjoy a nice bowl of cereal every now and then.
  9. Still haven't heard from PSU... kind of going crazy.
  10. I love you.
That's all for now.


Amanda said…
I agree with you, the DMV shouldn't charge that much if you are asking them for something with less effort involved. But hooray for owning your very own car! Good luck with the work sample and the petri dish of a bunch of little ones in a classroom. Not to sound too much like Dad, but really sleep, water, and some exercise go a long way. I was amazed at how much my immune system was built up by simply going to the gym regularly when all the yucky bugs were going around the ship. I never caught anything. Oh yeah, and lots of Purell! Hope you hear from PSU soon. You only bought one bag of jelly beans? I would have bought like five-lol! Love you Blondie!
Kendra said…
I love you too!!!!!