Well, I finally heard from PSU... and I've been waitlisted.

What does that even mean, you ask? Oh well, it means they now have until AUGUST or SEPTEMBER to tell me whether or not I'm getting in.

Don't worry, preference is given to alternates with at least one year of experience... which I have none.

I honest-to-God would have preferred a straight REJECTION to this. A rejection I can handle. A "no" meant I move to Salem and continue life there. A "yes" meant I move to Portland and continue life there.

But a "maybe"... I have no idea what that means.

Pray for me guys, I'm going crazy over here.


Amanda said…
Ugh! That's not fun at all. Yeah, I'm with you, flat out rejection would have been harder on the ego, but so much easier for you to figure out what the next step is! Yuck.
Kendra said…
Ah...waiting....I know you well!!!!

I will be PRAYING you get an answer SOON and some Jesus-Peace in the meantime =)
Oh, and secretly (or not so secretly since this is for the entire WWW to view) I am praying for P-town to be in your future!!!