why Joelle is my hero

Despite the glorious sunshine, I spent most of the day yesterday trapped in my room working on lesson plans. Finally my roommate offered me the excuse I needed to go outside: we washed our cars. Now, I honestly cannot remember the last time my car was washed, but I believe it was sometime back in SEPTEMBER... so it was pretty filthy. In fact, if I'm being truthful, it still is pretty filthy, but we made a vast improvement. Anyways, at some point during our washing extravaganza, a nasty wasp let himself into our home.

And then he decided to make himself comfortable in my bedroom.

Fact: I am almost 23 years old and have never been stung by a bee.

Other fact: Due to the previous fact, I am TERRIFIED of the creatures.

I can master the giant hobo spiders that frequent my household, but I simply cannot handle bees of any sort.

While I shriveled in fear outside my bedroom and occasionally yelled out rude remarks asking my uninvited guest to LEAVE, my roommates and I brainstormed a plan to evacuate it from the premises. Someone suggested meat (probably making the connection between bbqs and the obscene amount of black and yellow pests that tend to swarm your food at such otherwise glorious occasions). Since Joelle is a vegetarian, we generally don't have a lot of meat at our house, but I just happened to have a leftover hamburger from Easter Sunday. I gladly volunteered to leave the scene and microwave said burger. Upon returning, I realized the plan was to carry the plate of meat around the room and "attract" the vicious creature that had invaded it.

Yeah right.

Here's where Joelle begins to win my heart: despite being a vegetarian, and thereby having an extreme distaste for meat, she bravely took the plate from me and held it up to the wasp.

When that didn't work, we decided to open my window and pop out the screen (note: thus potentially risking further invasions from other unwanted guests). Joelle assisted me with this daring task, and when the stupid pest finally made his way over to the window, she valiantly closed the mini blinds, trapping it.

I stood there, gripped with fear, for almost 5 minutes waiting for the thing to find it's way out. I could not relax until I knew he was gone. Joelle took pity on me in my misery, grabbed the ruler off my desk, RISKED HER LIFE, and "ushered" the creature out the window.

My hero.


Amanda said…
Yay Joelle for saving the day and for risking her life to save Blondie! :) thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hobo spiders! Don't even get me started...
Kendra said…
Swoon...what a hero!!!!