Life with Cadence

Upon returning from dinner at Steve and Colleen's, Cadence burst through the front door yelling "Natalie, Natalie, we brought dessert home!"

She ran into my waiting arms and I scooped her up for a big hug, and teased her saying "Is it you?  Are you my dessert?  Because you are just so sweet!"

She giggled her heart-melting little laugh and then responded quite logically, as only Cadence can: "No, Natalie.  My skin and bones are too crunchy.  I wouldn't be tasty at all."

At the August/September birthday party for her kindergarten class.
We arrived to the bus stop early with time to play on the slides, but the play structure was occupied by some older kids who were playing rather roughly.  I watched Cadence hang on the perimeter, observing all the ruckus, and decided to put her out of her misery by offering a race to the bus stop instead.

Relieved, she looked at me and said, "Great idea, Natalie.  Those boys are playing too wild.  I'm still just a little kid, even though I am 5 years old."

A real-life Beauty Spa Day.
After a "quiet time" which was anything but, we were headed out the door to go run some errands when Amanda reminded me of something I wanted to look for at Target.  I sighed and said it would depend on how much patience I had.

Cadence looked over at me and said, rather matter-of-factly, "Natalie, you don't have any patience!"

I was pretty offended, until she followed it up with, "You're not a doctor, remember?!"


Cadence received a little pool for her doll house as a belated birthday gift from Steve and Colleen.  She politely asked me to carry it upstairs for her.  As we were walking, she informed me breathlessly,
"Ken will be so excited.  He's been wanting an above-ground pool for ever."


She was giving me a particularly hard time while attempting to comb her hair in the morning, and Amanda reminded her not to be bossy.  Cadence's response?

 "I'm not bossy!  I just like telling people what to do!"


And finally, I think this picture speaks for itself:
Cadence adores her baby brother already.


Carol J. Brown said…
What a fun posting. Love all the "Cadencisms".

Love, Aunt Carol