Some gloriously random facts about my current life

1. Cold brew coffee and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from Oui Presse on SE Hawthorne just might be my new love language.
Pictured here is the infamous gooey-amazing chocolate chip cookie and boring (but still delicious) french roast, because they were out of cold brew beans that afternoon.  

2. Unemployment is like living in some sort of time vortex.  It is actually shocking how long it takes me to do, well, just about anything these days.  Turns out when you have all the time in the world, you use it.

3. A few weeks ago I took a road trip down to Southern Oregon, and obviously made the obligatory stop in Rice Hill for a nice big scoop of nostalgia (ice cream).  Then, while leaving Medford, I was using the maps app on my phone to get me to the freeway and a woman actually stuck her hands out of the passenger window of the car next to me and slid one scrawny index finger across the other, SHAMING me.  Equal parts awkward and awesome.

If you don't know what this sign is, we obviously haven't been friends for very long.

4. The other day while cleaning out my friend's blender, I was hit with the most absurd sentimentality over this seemingly mundane task.  You see, I once cleaned a particular blender an obscene amount of times during "The Great Salsa-Making Summer of 2008."  I was so preciously naive back then about so many things, and I found myself wistfully wishing I could go back to that time, talk to that girl (the younger, less jaded me), and tell her a thing or two about life and what was to come.

5. Current song obsessions (note: I kind of think music videos are ridiculous so I haven't watched either of these and take absolutely no responsibility if they are lame or offensive...I simply like the songs):


6. I don't have a bedside lamp in my room here at Kendra's house, so up until about a week ago, I was still using my borrowed headlamp to read in bed every night.  Then the batteries died and I can't for the life of me figure out how to change them (yes, I do have a graduate degree), so lately I've been hunkering down under the covers with a good ole fashioned flashlight.  Just like a 10 year old.  My life is awesome.


Amanda said…
This is an awesome post. But now I want an ooey gooey still warm chocolate chip cookie......

Number 2 is soooo true! I have all day to do it never gets done....

And I'm with you on Number 5 as well. I've never ever understood the appeal of music videos.

We've owned several headlamps in the 7 years I've been married to Noah. I haven't had to change the batteries in any of them.....they pretty much get lost before they actually have a chance to let the batteries

Hoping you can get some battery assistance or a bedside lamp soon. For the record, should you make a trip to the desert, our guest room has a queen sized bed AND a functioning bedside lamp....I'm just saying....we'd love to have you visit.

Kendra said…
Haha yes and Amanda's house doesn't have 2 screaming two-year-olds!!!

Carol J. Brown said…
That chocolate chip cookie looks absolutely amazing!

The sign from Rice Hill was totally familiar -- not from me stopping there very often, but from all the trips back and forth to Grants Pass. Glad you got to re-live some fun times.

Love, Aunt Carol
Vanessa's Dad said…
Thanks for the trip through Natalie Land... past and present.

I've got the picture in my head of you reading with a flashlight, and that takes me back to your childhood. :)