Natural Disaster

Here's a little random piece of Natalie trivia:

 Whereas many little girls occupy their imaginative play time with games of house, I used to play "natural disaster."  I would gather my dolls, extra blankets, a flashlight, and some play food, and barricade myself into the safest place in the house to wait out the big storm.

Seriously, I was obsessed.

I blame this bizarre (but awesome) obsession on two things:

1. One of my favorite childhood memories
2. My parents' genius move to turn thunder and lightening storms into exciting adventures, where we would get to eat PUDDING in the middle of the NIGHT.  (Seriously mom & dad, that was brilliant.)

So while I have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious desert sunshine these past few weeks, my heart didn't necessarily break when I checked the weather on my phone and discovered this:

 Little Miss Cadence wasn't even the slightest bit deterred by the precipitation on our walk to the bus stop this morning, either.  
In fact, I'd say she rather enjoyed our little morning adventure:

But seriously, could she be any cuter?

At this moment, I'm not sure there are many things greater than being snuggled under the covers with an embarrassingly full glass of tempranillo (my favorite wine), a red velvet cupcake, a funny movie on the TV...and a wicked storm raging just outside my window.

This, my friends, is no ordinary joy.


Vanessa's Dad said…
How fun that the Joy of Stormy Weather is being passed on to the next generation.

Amanda said…
WICKED STORM indeed! The rain this year has been phenomenal in the Vegas Valley this season, but that HAIL storm had the place look like there was a blanket of snow everywhere. Crazy. So glad we were all home safe and dry. Thank you so much for capturing Cadence's impromptu musical number about the joy of walking to school in the rain. It's unbelievably precious. I'm glad your Thursday night was redeemed even though it wasn't a Glee Night. Much love.