Potentially Life-Changing Survey

Err, my life, that is.

Okay guys, here's the deal.  A few weeks ago, I went 80's Dancing with a group of girlfriends.  

Wait, let me stop there because I have something really important to say: Ladies, if you do not have a group of girlfriends with whom you can wear neon & spandex, sweat, shimmy, laugh, gossip, and trust your life - I'm going to need you to stop reading this right now and go out and find yourself one.  Seriously.  It's that important.

I digress.

Back to 80's Night.  Considering the fact I was dressed like this (that's me in the hot pink):
one might assume that on this particular evening, I was not actively trying find my new last name. 

And you would be correct.  I gave myself a rare night off from the husband hunt. 

So there we are, glistening in all our Richard Simmons glory, when Dead or Alive's iconic song comes on and the gentleman with the mullet and zebra spandex next to me gracefully decides to take the lyrics literally and spin me, right round, baby, right round.

It's harmless enough.  But then he asks, "Are you married?"  

Excuse me?  What on God's green earth would make you think that?

He motions to my left hand and says, "You scare us off with that thing."

That "thing" he was referring to is my purity ring*.  

Here's where my Potentially Life-Changing Survey comes in: 
Does this look like a wedding band to you?

I'm honestly concerned.  I've been wearing this band on my wedding finger for years without thinking twice about how it might appear to others.  Now mostly this wasn't a problem because I was involved in a relationship and therefore potentially appearing betrothed was not a worry of mine.  But now that I'm single, I'm trying very hard to master the delicate balance between sending off signals that inform potential suitors that I am, indeed, available...and not appearing desperate.

Clearly, I could use your help.

P.S. My best friend just informed that purity rings were okay in high school, but now that I am of marrying age, I need to switch it over to the other hand.  How did I miss this memo?

P.P.S. Not to stereotype, but do guys even look at a girl's hand before approaching? 

*here's my story 


Anna said…
I would change it to my right hand. I think that it could potentially make some people not come up to you if they notice it on your left. Although, you're right, do people even look at a girl's hand before approaching? I would hope that a man with decency would, and for that reason alone I suggest you switch it :-)
Carol J. Brown said…
Any ring on your ring finger will probably make people think you are married or in some sort of relation -- or at least that's what I always thought it meant.

Love, Aunt Carol
Julie said…
I agree with the two previous comments Nat. I know that the short time that I was unmarried and was approached by a guy, I would immediately look at his ring finger, (though guys often don't wear a ring). Your prince will arrive... when you least expect it or need him.

Love ya... Your Medford Mama :)
I don't know, but what I do know is that I love that ring because I have the same one on my finger, every single day.
Natalie...the guy gets 10 points for NOTICING AND ASKING. He did not try to hustle a possibly married (or engaged) woman. The asking part means he was actually interested enough to want to know. The kind of husband you want is one who will be true to you and a ring on the left finger signals hands off

I agree with moving it onto the right hand now that you are in the adult world.

God may very well bring this man to you under unusual circumstances. You could be scaring off some fantastic men of honor.