Just Between You & Me

I just finished reading a novel about a girl who quit her career to move to another state and take care of her niece.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, it did to me, too.  Until Mr. Right showed up, pursued her intensely and beautifully and so so romantically.  Naturally they fell madly in love and lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile, my niece is currently sticking her toes one-by-one under my rarely-closed bedroom door because she only mildly grasps the concept of her auntie "taking space," (well, wouldn't you after reading the literal storybook ending to your current life circumstance and realizing it is, indeed, only a story and not your real life???) and she feels she will most certainly die of boredom if I don't come out and play with her RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Also, I still need to cook dinner.  

And if Mr. Right is living somewhere near Henderson, Nevada, he sure is taking his sweet and precious time finding me.


Joelle said…
Once I picked up this book about a girl who kept obsessing about this guy at her high school, and of how she wanted him to ask her to prom but he never did. It reminded me a lot of my life, so I kept reading. Then she went to college and had a crush on a foreign man named Juan, but he never asked her out either and she is still single to this day. Turns out the book I had read was my journal.
Carol J. Brown said…
I laughed out loud at Joelle's comments. I didn't keep a journal, but otherwise . . Life doesn't always work out the way we thought, but it has still turned out to be a good life. And, for both of you, you have lots of adventures and people still coming your way so be patient.

Love, Aunt Carol