This Post is Brought to You by the Letter "F"

**I apologize to my family for the many repeat photos that are in this blog - I know you've already seen them on Amanda's blog, but for the handful of people who read this and aren't related to me, here is an update on my life.

First up, FASHION:
If Cadence is anything, she is a fashionista.  This girl loves to dress up.  Here are just a few of her most recent outfits:
Stripes, sequin headband, tutu, and fairy wings.  She wore this outfit to church, of course. 
Dress, slippers, Mardi Gras necklace, headband with her own added giant flower accessory, and a Tinkerbell purse. This was a Tuesday, I think. 
And here is her famous Fancy Nancy Halloween costume.  She designed it herself, and a family friend named Olivia helped make her dreams come true.  Feathers, sequins, silk, flowers, ribbons, tulle, and ruffles.  Oh my!  (and yes, she did wear this to school)

I heard about this little event on the radio during one of my many minivan adventures, and casually mentioned it to Noah & Amanda.  They were all over it.  So on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we stuffed our faces with delicious treats from multiple food carts.
Clearly the greatest name for a food truck...ever.
Sadly, the Raspberry Chili BBQ Wings left something to be desired.
Cadence accompanied her daddy to this Asian Fusion truck, and after he placed his order she brazenly asked the woman if they were offering anything for free.  Naturally, she was rewarded with this asian wrap.  (it pays to be cute)
I snapped this candid photo of the Rowan Family.  Cadence loves "helping" push mommy in the wheelchair.
The truth is, this piggy back ride ended really badly.  Prompted by Cadence's insisting that I "giddy up," I perhaps went a little too fast and forgot that my flip flops have no traction...and inadvertently body-slammed my niece onto the concrete.  It's okay though, because not 5 minutes later I received the promotion to "Auntie America" by little miss smooshed-by-her-favorite-auntie herself.

Then there was FUSE:
I lept at the opportunity to volunteer as a leader for a Fuse High School Ministry event at church.  In a perfect world, my future career would be in ministry (anyone have any leads for me??).  So naturally, I was excited to try my hands at this, especially since my previous work with adolescents has pretty much only been in residential treatment settings with clients who are mandated to be there.  Let me tell you, spending an entire Saturday painting curbsides and fire hydrants, picking up trash, and cleaning graffiti with a bunch of high schoolers who volunteered to help serve their city for the love of Jesus...well it basically rocked my world.

Finally, FRIENDS (well, kinda):
Noah took pity on his poor little sister-in-law and let me tag along on a night out with his coworkers.  My first night out since arriving in Nevada!
After some delicious dark ales at a local pub, we headed to Fremont Street.  
The tube in the middle of this shark tank is actually a water slide.  I know, right?
Then, Noah scored some free tickets to a music event occurring at the casino where he works.  Sunset Sessions is basically a three-day concert with up-and-coming artists and an audience filled with record labels and different big-wigs in the music industry.  His co-worker, Joe, was kind enough to accompany me Friday night, along with some of his friends:
The concert venue was set up out on the pool.  Vegas is pretty fantastic at night.  
Noah works at The Cosmopolitan, which is super swanky.  Here is a shot of the three-story chandelier that adorns one of the bars located inside.
Unfortunately, it was way too cold to be hanging out outside listening to bands that night, so we headed over to a locals casino just around the corner so I could finally get my karaoke fix.  Bonus: there was an Elvis Impersonator!
The next night, I was able to attend the event with some of the High School Ministry staff from church.  This is a collage of Elliot Root, one of my favorite new bands I heard.  The lead singer has an incredible voice.
Again, it was absolutely freezing outside, so we begged Noah to help us out...and wound up in the backstage/VIP area - where we were able to combat the freakishly frigid temps with free coffee/hot tea and heat lamps.  Sure is nice to have connections.