That awkward moment when... let your brother-in-law cut your bangs in an attempt to save a buck.

In his defense, I fully encouraged this activity (it may or may not have even been my idea).

In my defense...I have none.

I've made this mistake far too many times for it to be even remotely acceptable for me to try self-trimming my bangs anymore.  It always sounds like such a good idea at the time.  And it never, ever ends well.


the chunky, uneven bangs are "in" right now. You are just a total trendsetter.
Wait until you see MY hair. It came about from Chris being ill and going to someone else. It WAS expensive and did not end well!
I love you!
Audrey Bilodeau said…
Oh no! You still look adorbs though. :)
Casey said…
I'm actually totally loving them!
Vanessa's Dad said…
What would Shelby say!!?? After she stopped laughing?