Dear Future Husband...(technology edition)

I'm hopelessly and gloriously lost when it comes to pretty much anything technology-related...most especially, my stupid because it's way smarter than me wonderful little computer.
This infuriates me somewhere close to a daily basis.

I can only make so many "Genius Bar" appointments before the stress of driving my butt down town, frantically attempting to locate parking, paying for said parking, and rushing with my laptop through the streets of Portland and into the mall in order to make it to the store on time for my appointment...only to feel like a total and complete incompetent idiot for the next half hour or so while some hipster in an Apple shirt breezes through the complexities of my macbook as if it were a child's toy, gets to me.

Really, it's all a bit too much.
I'm beseeching you: please be good with computers. And even more so, please be patient with me because I'm just...not

P.S. I feel the need to acknowledge the fact that this post is the very definition of "first world problems." But still, a girl can dream...right?