Portland Problems

By some great miracle, my awkward self managed to pass an initial phone interview, and tomorrow afternoon I have a second interview for a social work position at a shelter for women/children here in the city.

Here's my dilemma: does this type of thing require nose ring removal or not?
Some say yes, because it's the professional thing to do.

Others say no, because...well...it's Portland. And social work (where sometimes, tattoos and piercings actually increase your professional credibility in the clients' eyes).

I say: this sucker is a real pain to remove, so I really don't want to do it unless it is totally necessary. Plus I like it, obviously.
But you know what I don't like?  Being unemployed.  So if this little metal hoop is somehow holding me back, it's gotta go.

What do YOU say?


I say take it out, at least just for the interview. Then, if you get the job, check out your co-workers' piercings and tats (or lack thereof), and maybe ask if they have a policy on it.
nbrown said…
Because I know you are all just DYING of curiosity: I left it in. Also, one of my interviewers had dreadlocks and gauged ears, which I'm taking to be a pretty good sign that I made the right call.
Amanda said…
I read this about the time you were already at your interview yesterday. But I agree with Shmem. What did you decide to do?