First Week of Work

Most mornings, I start out like this:
Fresh faced (minus the bags under my eyes), smiling, ready to take on the world.
Then somewhere after 13 phone screenings, two in-person interviews (lots and lots of tears shed during these), and a few new-resident move-ins (with a light dabbling of staff meetings, approximately 35 new emails, and files upon files of unsorted documentation, not to mention my ever-increasing caseload), I start to feel a little bit more like this:
Panicked, overwhelmed, and all sorts of frazzled (and also, apparently, chin-less).

I drove home today, hugged and kissed the twins hello, chatted with my brother-in-law for approximately 90 seconds, and then crawled into bed - fully dressed - and pulled the covers over my head for over an hour.

I am overwhelmed in the best way.