My. Life. Is. Awesome.

Soo...let's review. In the past week, the following things have happened:

1) I got a job. Wait, let me specify: I began a full time, paid, ministry.

2) My job comes with my very own office...which is bigger than my current bedroom.
3) I enjoyed a delicious brunch with some of the loveliest ladies I know.
4. The sun came out in Portland. On a weekend, too, so everyone could enjoy it!
5) I found an apartment in an incredible location, and I get to live with one the coolest girls. Ever. (In just a few short weeks, my suitcase will return to a vacation-only necessity, rather than functioning as my closet/dresser/nightstand/laundry bin)


It has been a long, exhausting, painful season of waiting...but my God has it paid off. I am literally more grateful than I have the words to express. Which is saying something since I looooove words.

To all of you who have stuck by me through this transition period: you have blessed me beyond my imagination. I'm thankful for your consistency, your patience, your compassion, your prayers, and your amazing generosity. There is no way I could have done it without you.

I made it out of the desert, and I'm singing from the mountain tops, and as cheesy at this is...let me tell you guys: the view is breathtaking from here.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Your cup runneth over. There is so much more to come. It is often said that, "God won't give you more than you can handle." Most often we think that means bad things. But, I think it also means GOOD things. He won't give us more GOOD things than we can handle. He won't give us more than we can appreciate.

Your gratefulness shows God that you can handle more. Pour it on, God. Pour it on!