Confessions of a Bad Roommate

My roommate went out of town for Memorial Day Weekend.

This means I enjoyed three glorious days in our apartment...alone.

It's not that I don't love living with her.  It's just that, secretly, I'm kind of an introvert.

And while I'm confessing, I should probably admit that I'm also a water glass hoarder (actually, all types of drinking-ware - currently I have a coffee mug, stemless wine glass, and two water cups resting on my nightstand) who frequently leaves the cabinets open (you can tell exactly where I've been in the kitchen long after I've left it) and rarely vacuums (I blame this one on the fact that I didn't own one for years).  

Also, unless I'm expecting a love letter (ha!) or something of monetary value, you should probably plan on checking the mail because otherwise it will pile up to the point where the postman threatens to stop delivering it.

On the plus side, I'm super clean (you know, minus the whole no- vacuuming thing), and I even (kind of) know how to cook.  Also, I can guarantee our kitchen will always be stocked with coffee, wine, and chocolate covered gummi bears.

And sometimes I will leave you notes like this:
What more do you need, really?


Carol J. Brown said…
Looks like a very delicious experiment to me.

Love, Aunt Carol
Kendra said…
YUM! And you KNOW I am so bad about getting our mail. You were the one who got it when you lived here!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
Yeah, I don't enjoy vacuuming. But, those vacuum tracks on the freshly vacuumed carpet sure look nice.

Time alone is nice. Time with others is nice, too.