Dear Future Husband...(birthday edition)

So, birthdays are kind of a big huge deal in my family. Consider this your fair warning.

With that said, because you took too long on this whole epic date thing*, my best friends filled in for you.
Together with my sisters, they managed to pull off the most incredible birthday surprise ever, and in doing so fulfilled one of my life long dreams:
This morning, we got up before the sun and signed our lives away as we climbed into a tiny basket and floated through the sky, overlooking the breathtaking, lush, green landscapes of this most beautiful state. (Seriously, I am so blessed to call Oregon my home)

I loved every single second of it.
Not only was the sense of surprise and adventure and 3,600-feet-above-the-earth-completely-at-the-mercy-of-the-wind-and-a-flaming-balloon spectacular, but the best part about it was that I got to share it with two of my very favorite people on the planet. I have never felt so special and blessed as I did up there in the sky, knowing that there are people out there who loved me enough to sacrifice money, time, and so much sleep - just to make one of my dreams come true.

I still can't believe you all did this for me. Thank you.

I have a feeling 27 is going to be my best year yet.

*Since technically we probably haven't even met yet, I'm gonna let this one slide...but for the love of God, could you please hurry up? I've got a wedding I need to go to in just 4 weeks, and I still don't have a date yet.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Very special birthday! You've jumped out of airplanes and floated up into the sky in a balloon. You are Wonder Woman. I love enjoying your adventures.