Dear Future Husband (date night edition)

Sometimes, coming up with date ideas can be a little bit difficult.  I know you're going to work super hard to woo and impress me, so I figured I'd help you out with a few options that are sure to do the trick.

1. First off, unlike pretty much every other person I've ever met, I've actually never seen "The Breakfast Club."  So how about you wow me with your best popcorn recipe and let's snuggle in for a movie night at home? (This is, of course, assuming you have a home...unlike myself at this current moment in time…awkward) **update, I've seen this one now - but never fear, there are other cult classics I've missed out on, like "Risky Business" or the entire "Lord of the Rings Trilogy" or even "Animal House."  I'm sure you can come up with something**

2. I've also never been on a hot-air balloon ride.  Obviously on the dating scale of extremes, this one leans just shy of epic, but I figured it can't hurt if I just put it out there that I wouldn't exactly hate it if we woke up early some morning, climbed into a basket, and sipped coffee while floating through the sky beneath a brightly colored dome of hot hair.  **update: my best friends took care of this one for me on my 27th birthday. Sorry, man, you just took too long.**
3. Since you have chosen me to be your bride, I'm sure you already know how much I adore karaoke.  But did you also know that my very favorite thing to do is sing a duet with you?  So let's go find a local dive bar and work the crowd with our undeniable musical magic.

4. Chances are you already have mad ballroom dancing skills, but just in case you're anything like me: let's go learn them together.  I would give anything for the ability to cut-a-rug without fear of toe-stomping, dress flipping, or accidentally flinging out of your grip when you really just meant to spin me.  Bonus?  We can recreate our favorite moves in the kitchen on a random rainy Saturday morning.  This is the date that keeps on giving.
5. Spontaneity is key.  I can't wait to see where our love takes us.
Forever your adoring future wife,


Vanessa's Dad said…
Trust me... date night suggestions are very helpful to future husbands; because we're pretty clueless in those areas. Oh us Guys have plent of ideas. They're just no darn good for romantics.