More Cadence-isms

Someone once told me she wished Cadence had her own TV show so that everyone could get the chance to experience my little niece in all her glory.

I couldn't agree more. I've only been back in Nevada for just over a week, and our little star has already provided me with plenty of material.

Unfortunately, it appears America would rather watch such - ahem - exhilarating programs as "Toddlers in Tiaras" (aka: "Everything Wrong With Our Society"), "The Amish" (ummmm), and Season 1290128414 of "The Bachelor/ette" (because they always end in such successful relationships?), so for the time being Amanda's and my blog(s) serve as the primary forum for Cadence-isms.*


It may come as a surprise to learn that Cadence is actually quite opinionated when it comes to her wardrobe selections. I'm generally able to negotiate her into a mostly-matching, weather-appropriate outfit before we take off for the bus each day, but I decided to switch things up a bit for my final month here in Nevada.  In an attempt to take a more egalitarian approach, I now allow Cadence to provide input on my clothing choices as well.

The other day, I presented her with my current favorite outfit (shut up, you know you have one too): a grey-and-white striped sweater and grey skinny jeans.  Given her extreme enthusiasm for monochromatic apparel (translation: the girl loves all things purple), imagine my surprise when this was her response:

"Umm, Natalie?  That's too much grey.  I was watching an episode of Property Brothers and either Drew or Jonathan - I can't remember which - said the couch blended in too much with the wall coloring and that's why no one would ever buy that house."  (Btw, Amanda, I totally blame you for this one)


(^) Unsupervised Creative Genius
Some of you probably already saw this, but on Thursday I attempted to finish a rare phone call post-quiet time.  Meanwhile, Cadence apparently decided some of her dolls' dresses were not up to par for the "Prettiest and Kindest Princess Competition," and thus hosted her own project runway in her bedroom.  I discovered scissors, tape, wrapping paper, and two questionably dressed dolls upon walking into her room.  At least she wasn't playing with fire?


I had the pleasure of witnessing Cadence's Happy Birthday phone call to her Uncle Josh via speakerphone.  To her credit, she was able to remain quiet and relatively patient for approximately 2 whole minutes while the birthday boy described his day before exuberantly interrupting him with, "Uncle Josh!  Wanna hear my ZOMBIE FACE?"


We've been working on completing her Christmas thank you cards these past few days, and I think the concept of gratitude is really catching on for this little kindergartner.

While changing into her pajamas one night, she struggled a bit with one of her shirts.  Upon successfully emerging from the difficult fabric, she proudly announced, "My arm is so helpful to my body!  I think I'm going to write it a thank you card.  Seriously, without my right arm, I'd be SUNK!"


To say that Cadence adores her baby brother would be quite the understatement.  She is completely captivated by this little one, and wants nothing more than to hold him, read to him, and entertain him with her singing. All. The. Time.

One of her favorite lullabies is "Rock A Bye Baby," only it's kind of a Cadence re-mix.  I really really wish I had a video of this one and I'm praying her mother does because it's just too awesome for words, but in the meantime, here are the lyrics (sung in the sweetest, breathiest, most sincere voice):

Rock a bye baby,
The tree top blows, 
The cradle falls,
The baby falls out, 
And the moon gloooows.


Lucky for you, I do have a video of this particularly entertaining walk to the bus stop.  


And finally, her obsession with Fancy Nancy continues.  On Sunday afternoon we hosted a mini-beauty spa in the living room.  Cadence insisted on styling my hair, declaring she would use so many clips, I would have "the fanciest, most posh hair at the dinner table."
(^) this picture doesn't do it justice.  I actually had to have Amanda help me search for all the hair bows nestled in the back of my hair after my little stylist went to bed that night.

*confession: I kind of love "Sister Wives"