Happy Birthday Aunt Carol!

As I grow deeper and deeper in love with my own role as an "auntie," I also grow more deeply appreciative of the beautiful women in my life who are "auntie" to me.  Like this woman, who is arguably the most methodical, intentional, organized, and persistent woman on the face of this planet.  She blessed me with my love of books as a child.  She creates the most beautiful and thoughtful photo collections for my sisters and I, bringing to life photos from my childhood and pointing out similarities between us that I never would have seen before.  She remembers tiny details about my life and the lives of my friends (she even knows my best friend is a vegetarian, and is thoughtful enough to accommodate this when inviting us for dinner). And she continues to inspire me with all the hard work she is doing renovating her home and making it even cozier than it already is (seriously, her upstairs is TO DIE for).

But I think the thing I love and appreciate about Aunt Carol the very most is of the sweet companionship she provides to her mother (HI GRANDMA!). I am so grateful to have such a dedicated woman in my life, and such a lovely model of what it looks like to truly honor your mother.  Their friendship is a sweet blessing to witness and a reminder to me of the simple joy of consistency.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Carol. I know this won't post until your birthday is almost over, but seeing as how you're a Brown and all, I figured you won't mind extending the celebration a few extra days. :)

Praying you feel so celebrated and loved.


Carol J. Brown said…
Thank you for your comments. That was very sweet.

Love, Aunt Carol
Carol J. Brown said…
Thank you for your sweet comments.

Love, Aunt Carol
Vanessa's Dad said…
So sweet.