When Your Ex-Boyfriend Hands You a Bunch of Rotten Bananas*...

…make milkshakes!

***update*** apparently the bananas were meant to be a gift for my roommate, and not for me. Whoops. 

The way I see it, I had two options: let him have the last laugh…or create my own victory.

It took me approximately 4 seconds of internet browsing before I discovered at least 13 different uses for this bundle of overripe produce.  Here's one of my favorites, with a few extra touches to make it alllllllll mine (note: I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, a photographer. The following photos are merely for my own passive-aggressive-amusement):

Step 1: Freeze Them.  This enhances their grotesque appearance.

Step 2: Peel and slice them into bite-sized chunks.

Step 3: Toss 'em in a blender.
Step 4: Add peanut butter, vanilla, milk, and chopped-up-leftover-Christmas-candy-because-you-are-out-of-chocolate chips (I also added a little bit of malt, because malted milkshakes are far superior and I wanted my self-claimed victory to taste extra delicious):
Step 5: Blend until creamy.

Step 6: Add a mustache straw (thanks, mom!) and enjoy the sweet taste of triumph.


*This actually happened.


Carol Brown said…
I love to freeze over ripe bananas. We peel them first! Then freeze them wrapped up in plastic wrap and use them for smoothies--yum!
Vanessa's Dad said…
Love the moustache photo... nice touch. I have a banana almost every day, along with an orange or grapefruit. Even though Ann hates bananas, she keeps me stocked up.