If I were stranded in the wilderness...

...I would choose my Aunt Kay to be my guide.

Seriously, this woman can build, decipher, create, repair, diagnose, identify, and play…just about anything.  She is a jack of all trades, and a master of MOST. 

She can mush dogs, build a snow cave, splint a ski injury, cook a fantastic meal, write a beautiful blog post, and photograph the entire thing…all while playing the guitar as background music.

I've known her my whole life (according to family photo albums, the picture below is from the day she held me for the first time), and yet I feel like I'm constantly learning new and impressive things about her.  She is extremely independent, and yet hopelessly devoted to her husband at the same time.  Their marriage is such a sweet testament to me of true friendship and the beauty of celebrating (not stifling) the unique qualities and interests of your partner, all the while encouraging them to be the very best version of themselves.

I type this with my sprained ankle awkwardly elevated above my heart in solidarity with your ankle injury, and pray you feel all the love and admiration I have for you even through the swelling, the frustration at limited mobility, the miles of distance, and the computer screen.


Thank you for the wonderful tribute. I am going to try my ankle out on the dog sled tomorrow. It will still be splinted but I am going crazy stuck at home hobbling around. I hope yours does not take so long to heal.

All my love back, Aunt Kay Lee