Dear Future Husband: Better than Bouquets

My Dearest (ruggedly-handsome and hopelessly devoted) Future Spouse,

With Valentines Day rapidly approaching, I feel I need to remind you that I find this holiday completely overrated. And no, this isn't a trick.  Chances are I may still wear my cheesy heart shirt annually, and if we have school-aged children I probably will attempt to master some sort of non-candy Pinterest craft for them to distribute to their classmates.  But as for you?  You're off the hook. 

(At least for today.)

See, the thing is, I love romance. I love those little thoughtful things you do for me to remind me that you still notice me and think I'm pretty special.  But I don't want you doing those things just because the calendar says you should.

I want you to do them intentionally and instinctively.

Since you've vowed to love me forever, my guess is you probably already know this about me, but so long as I have the opportunity to publicly state my desires (especially considering there is a good chance we haven't even met yet), I'm going to make it explicitly clear that, while flowers are certainly lovely and they sure smell nice, they are not my favorite gift.

Here is a (mildly presumptuous) list of suggested alternatives you could gift me, which I personally would find even better than a bouquet of flowers:
  • A bag of organic pink apples*
  • A bottle of Camden's Catsup
  • A new scarf**
  • A surprise love-note
  • An old-school mix CD of songs that remind you of us
  • My favorite beverage
  • A nap
Love you (always),

Your Beloved Future Wife

*And sweetheart, let me remind you, I'm a bit of an apple snob (hey, you're the one who married me!): my favorites are Honey Crisp or Pink Lady.
**Since I'm likely still terrible at accessorizing in any other way


Vanessa's Dad said…
You are a prize, Princess.