On Valentines Day

I'm gonna be real honest here, folks: I think Valentines Day is a teensy bit overrated.

It's kind of right up there with New Years Eve for me.

And this isn't just the voice of a single, disgruntled female speaking either.  Because as it turns out, I'm actually totally okay with the fact that I'm not dating anyone on this commercial, sappy, red-and-pink, fluffy, sprinkles-and-helium, last-minute-over-priced-grocery-store-bouquets, sugar-overloaded day.

I'll admit this is sort of surprising even to me, seeing as how I am one of the most hopeless romantics I know.  Perhaps it's because I've never really had an exceptional Valentines Day.  Or maybe it is due to my personal romantic preferences, which have far more to do with spontaneity and personalization than Hallmark-and-Hollywood-pressured-you-into-doing-something-sweet-for-me. Who knows?

Either way, I did not wake up this morning grieving my singleness.  Nor was I necessarily celebrating it.  I just woke up...single. In the same way I woke up and it was Thursday.  And that, my friends, is just fine by me.

Still, when I saw the following picture, I laughed so hard in the middle of Starbucks I may or may not have caused a few strangers to turn around and stare.* 

Another reason to smile today?  I got to spend my morning with just about the cutest Valentines EVER.
As you can see, we made cupcakes. It was quite messy, but also quite worth it.
And of course, today is more than just Valentines Day. It is also the day we celebrate the birth of the greatest state ever.

*This is not the first time this has happened.  Nor will it probably be the last, either.