The one time each year that I wear my heart on my sleeve

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that once upon a time, I considered my cheesy red heart henley (pictured below) to be a fantastic addition to my daily wardrobe. And not just for Valentines Day, either, as I'm pretty sure it was summer when I bought it during a massive retail-therapy session something like six years ago.  No, I just wanted the world (okay, namely my ex-boyfriend at the time) to see me and feel jealous of my awesome new shirt.

While I will never claim to be a fashionista, I can say this much: thank God my style tastes have improved.  Albeit slightly.

Still, this iconic little shirt has been a February staple for me all through my years as a student teacher, full-time classroom teacher, home-based interventionist, and then elementary school counselor.  It has survived eight moves in its lifetime and has been on the Goodwill chopping block more than once, but I just can't bear to get rid of it. Not yet.

And in 2013, it made its annual appearance at a Valentines Day party with my sister and the twins.  This required a trip down into the panic-attack-inducingly-full storage room in my step dad's basement to root it out of a suitcase and transport it back to Portland, but it was totally worth it for this moment:
Abbey in my arms, Lucas in the background, all of us in our matching red outfits.
Isn't my niece such a doll?
He was pretty busy the whole party making food for me in the pink play kitchen.  A man after my own heart. 
The twins refused to take a picture together with me, and would barely sit still long enough for one with their momma (this was the best of at least 5 attempts), but I had to show off their adorable little outfits.  Plus, how cute is my sister?
Thanks for giving me a reason to continue this cheesy little tradition for at least one more year, Kendra.


Vanessa's Dad said…
You are a great Auntie Natalie.

I'm glad you inherited my ability to become attached to personal objects, like clothes and cars. It shows what loving people we are, that we can extend our love to inanimate objects. :)