It's about that time again, folks.  I'm debating what to give up this year. In past years, I've done:

  • cheeseburgers (yes, you read that correctly...and yes, it was a huge sacrifice for me)
  • make-up
  • sweets
  • blogs
  • all beverages except for water
  • and Facebook.
Last week, I told Schuyler I was thinking about giving up alcohol.*

His response?  He told me to give up working out instead!


I need suggestions! I'd like it to be something legitimately challenging, but not totally insane.  The goal is spiritual growth not self-improvement. Ultimately, this is about Jesus, it's not about me.

Help! Any ideas?

Also, here's a random picture of Cadence and I, because I prefer it when my posts have photos:
Noah took this some morning before we left for the bus stop.  I honestly have no idea what we are doing, but I think that makes me love it even more because it captures the essence of our relationship.  Sure do love this kid!
*I don't mean to make light of the very real and pervasive issue of substance use/abuse, nor do I have a drinking problem.  I just recognize how frequently alcohol is woven into my social life - especially living in the City of Happy Hours (Portland) - and know that it would be a challenge for me to eliminate this beverage for 40 days.


One thing my pastor talked about last Sunday was that lent isn't always about giving something up; it can (and should) be about adding a practice to your life (like contemplative prayer,or trying a new spiritual discipline or something).
Carol J. Brown said…
I like what Emily's pastor said.
Amanda said…
I've been thinking about this since you first put up the post, especially Shmem's comment about adding a practice. You are already so disciplined and faithful in reading your bible and doing devotions daily, what about adding in a sermon/message every day? There are so many available via podcast and video online I'm sure you could find a new one to watch every day. Just a thought.