Really? REALLY?

Last week, I was publicly lamenting over the pitiful pay most social work jobs offer when my sister's friend, who is a flight attendant, decided to mention that she makes a cool $57 per hour (plus benefits) at her job.

That's, like, at least $43 more per hour than most positions I'm finding in my field.

Then, last night I attended an epic Super Bowl party at the Cosmopolitan with my brother in law's aunt and uncle, casually chatting it up with some NFL players who made their way over to our table (is this real life?).  Given my unashamed ignorance over pretty much everything sports related, I blatantly googled them on my iPhone as we were talking (Hey, this is Vegas. I wanted to confirm they actually were who they said they were and not just some creepers trying to get attention).

Whilst stalking David Hawthorne, he leaned over and asked what I had learned about him. Naturally, I mentioned our similar birth dates...before his listed salary caught my attention.  $1,000,000?!?!

He laughed, and somehow miraculously without seeming too pretentious pulled up another website which clarifies he actually signed for $19,000,000.

Ummm, are you kidding me?

Clearly I am in the wrong profession.
Just a few of the 14 big screens set up around the ballroom.
Not only was there an open bar, but the party was deliciously catered.
Matthew Stafford, Rob Grunkowsi, and Cam Newton
My new buddy Will Robinson, who insisted we take this photo, and then insisted on using the front camera on my phone so he could set it up himself.  Terrible quality, but when an NFL player asks to take a picture with you, you don't complain. You also don't ever let him live it down that you kicked his butt at a challenge where he clearly had the advantage. He was hilarious - I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Thank you, Vegas, for sending me back home to begin my job hunt in Portland with such a random but thoroughly entertaining memory.  Easily my favorite Super Bowl. Ever. (even if the 49ers lost...)