Current Musical Obsessions

I've been spending quite a bit of time in coffee shops lately, job hunting my little heart out.

I find my love of people is far too distracting in this setting, as I'm tempted to eavesdrop and people-watch rather than upload resumes and update cover letters, so I've been relying on music to both focus and motivate me through this grueling and overwhelming process of finding a career.  Obviously, my inner-adolescent required a playlist for just such work, which I cleverly titled the "Gonna Find a Job" mix.  I'm quite proud of this one, actually, as it's a masterful mixture of soulful and inspiring lyrics, sheer ridiculousness, and heart-thumping "get a move-on, girlfriend, you have things to do" melodies, which seem to perfectly match my natural ebb and flow of ambition and distraction.

Because I'd apparently rather blog about this than accomplish anything even remotely productive today (it is the Sabbath after all), I decided I'd include a few gems for your listening pleasure.  Ordinarily I would apologize, because admittedly many of these songs are super cliche and trendy right now, but I'm kinda over it.  I will apologize, however, for the annoying ads before a lot of these videos.  Dang you, youtube, and your free services.

First of all, have you heard of my new favorite Allen Stone?  Because he is pretty freaking amazing.  I basically love his whole album, but I've been favoring this song lately:

Next, we have a classic, Jason Mraz melody.  I'm a forever fan:

I always turn the volume up dangerously-past-the-point-my-momma-warned-me-about in my ears when this Alex Clare song comes around:

Of course I fell under the Mumford & Sons spell once again with this one, which I pretend is my heart singing to Jesus as I try to trust in His deliverance from this season of waiting:

Then there is Ben Howard, which is right up there with Allen Stone in my entire-album-adoration (side note: I had the pleasure of seeing him live a few months ago, and fell for him even more), but this one is definitely my favorite:

I don't know why I included this Jamie Cullum song on my mix, because it makes me cry every single time I listen to it, and yet it is so stirringly beautiful I just can't help myself:

In stark contrast to the song that makes me cry, this iconic Hall & Oates number brings me so much silly joy, it almost requires too much effort to restrain myself from busting out some Carlton-esque dance moves ("Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," anyone?) and accidentally spilling my medium-roast coffee:

And finally, I know I told you all to download the Deeper Well album for free, but lately I've really been into The Followers album (also available for free) as well.  My pastor writes the most incredible lyrics.

So there you have it.  I'm confident that with this mixture (along with about 40 other songs - I spend a lot of time job-hunting), I will not only land the perfect career, but I'm also probably becoming the perfect human being as well.  I mean, when you have Allen Stone, Macklemore, and Hall & Oates on your side, how could you possibly go wrong?