It finally happened.

Five and a half months after I created my online dating profile, eHarmony finally sent me a deal worth responding to.  So for the next 90-ish days, I'm officially online.

Let the good times roll.

With just over a week under my belt, I think I'm working my way up to some pretty excellent blog material.  For example:

  • The baffling discrepancy between my and eHarmony's definition of what is considered "just outside my settings."  I'm sorry, but the 38 year old balding man whose main profile picture is one of him crouching in the bushes with a gun is so far outside my settings, it's not even funny.
  • Getting matched with a guy I already went on a (painfully awkward) date with several months ago.*  I responded by hiding his profile**only to run into him at a certain asian cuisine establishment in my hometown the very next day. Suffice it to say, we both pretended as if we didn't see one another.  Also, I am using our matching as further evidence that eHarmony and I are definitely not on the same page.
  • My first official eHarmony date is scheduled for this week...and it's with a man who designs and sells perfume for a living. I know, right?

Stay tuned…

*My best friend is to blame for this
**The online dating version of gentle rejection