The P's and Q's of Mothers' Day 2014

Today is a day we celebrate the most incredible creatures in the universe: mothers.

Normally I hem and haw about these so called "commercial holidays;" but if there is ever a species that deserves a calendar date to be recognized, it's the mothers of the world.* In fact, a singular day is woefully insufficient in honoring the magnificent work of our mothers figures, who selflessly sacrifice their very bodies for those they nurture.

And I'm not just talking about the extreme skin-stretching, organ-shifting, flesh-tearing, hormone-havoc-wreaking sacrifice of pregnancy and childbirth (though Lord knows this deserves it's own deference), for I know there is a multitude of incredible moms out there who were never given the opportunity to host the creation process in their bellies, but still endure physical pains of motherhood on behalf of their children.

Relinquishing sleep for feedings, teethings, post-nightmare soothings, tooth-fairy deliveries, potty-training accidents, slumber parties, curfew check-ins, last-minute school projects, and countless hours of worrying whether or not they are doing enough, loving enough, and being enough for their kids.

Risking their immune systems for congested cuddles, fever-reducing kisses, shower-steam cough suppressants, lice-checks, and other laundry-inducing illnesses.

Relegating their own physical well-being in exchange for lifting up those they love. Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain from carrying, wearing, swinging, stooping, swaying, cradling, and crouching for their miniature humans.

As such, I hesitate to personalize the apostrophe of this holiday, because Mothers' Day belongs to YOU. All of you. Not just the ones who give birth and shares genetics, but every one who puts her own needs aside and rises to the challenge of raising another.**

Moms, you are incredible, and there is simply no way we could ever thank you enough.

And now, since it's my blog, I'm going to take a moment to acknowledge some of the fantastic mothers in my life and the incredible lessons they've taught me about what it means to be a mom, which I pray I someday get to put into practice***:
Mom: You've taught me what it means to be PROUD of those you love. You are my personal cheerleader and strongest advocate, and you've gifted me with the self-confidence I have today.
Ann: You've taught me the art of QUALITY TIME. Your gracious hospitality is defined by genuine interest in my heart, and I cherish the many kitchen-table conversations we've shared.
"Cool Grandma B": You've taught me the power of POSITIVITY. You enjoy life's simple pleasures unlike any woman I know, and you maintain a joyful disposition that defies circumstances and inspires others to do the same.
Grandma Lee: You've taught me to maintain a self-assured POISE through some of life's greatest challenges. Your life looks nothing like it did just a few years back, and yet your grace and elegance remain unshakeable. 
Aunt Kay: Your children may have paws instead of fingers, but you love them with the same selfless love of any mother I know.  You've taught me to be PLAYFUL, despite weariness, injuries, weather, or the amount of time it may take to clean up afterwards. 
Amanda: You've taught me the wonder of being PREPARED. Your home, your freezer, your vehicle, and your child's backpack are all prepared for various emergencies, and your heart is most-of-all prepared to welcome in a new life at any given moment.
Kendra: You've taught me how to be PRESENT with those you love.  Despite long days, busy schedules, small houses, and never-ending to-do lists, you take the time to truly engage with your children and give them the gift of yourself.
Kaitlynn: You've taught me about PRIORITIES. I am in awe of the way you navigate your insane work schedule and all the zillions of other things vying for your attention throughout the day, while still making time to absolutely delight in your sweet daughter. 
Heidi: You've taught me a form of unparalleled, selfless PERSEVERANCE. Watching you hope, love, nurture, and fight for your precious daughter is inspiring.

*And I mean, the whole world. Unlike other Hallmark-fabricated frenzy festivals, Mothers' Day is recognized and celebrated throughout our planet. Though not always on the same day or even in the same manner, the need to set aside an annual event honoring our life-givers is global. 

**And since you're moms, you're used to sharing, right?

***Never mind the fact that every second I spend typing this blog, my biological clock seems to spiral even more rapidly out of control. 


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Wonderful pics and prose.