Pig Pods and Prodigals

Can we talk for a minute about the infamous parable of the Prodigal Son?

Often used as a story to teach about infinite grace and the beautiful celebration of repented sin and lives returned to God (and notable that Jesus preached this message to an audience of sinners, all the while aware of the Pharisees who were around the perimeter judging the crowd with whom He chose to spend His time with), God revealed something totally new to me this last time I read it.

The younger son, after literally giving everything he had to the world -  expecting it would fill him in return - found himself empty. He was left with nothing. He was alone.  And he was starving. 

And rather than return directly to his father to ask for help, he turned to the world once more*, requesting employment from a farmer who sent him out to feed the pigs. 

Here we read that the younger son hit such a low point, he actually longed to fill his stomach with the pods the pigs were eating.
THIS.  This is what stood out to me.
How many times have I "longed" for pig pods, when God has entire feast waiting for me as soon as I return to Him?

*when will he we learn?