back to work

While I'm still unsure about allowing myself to be officially returned to the weekly schedule, I decided it would be okay to pick up a few shifts here and there at work. After all, I do have some serious college debt I'd love to start paying off. My first shift went wonderfully. My second shift - well, not as wonderfully. Suffice it to say I made a whopping $2 off of a $90 tab... and was not at all pleased about it. How do people justify leaving such horrendous tips? Especially when the service isn't bad (if I do say so myself)?

Just tip your server, people. And fyi, 20% is the new standard. In case you weren't aware, we have to share our tips with others, so leaving 10% means we make next to nothing in the end.

Questions? :)


Kendra said…
$2??!?! For shame!!!!
Amanda said…
Good to know about the 20% thing. That bites about the cheap tippers!
Vanessa's Dad said…

You've been a great Teacher on Tipping for me, 'cause I know you practice what you preach. You tip well. And, I know you like to "make people's day" with a good tip.

I've enjoyed being a better tipper.