if you have all day to get to the car wash...

... it will take you all day to get to the car wash.

Or something like that.

I'm quickly learning that I am the type of person who does better with a busy schedule. I'm significantly more productive when I have less time to get things done. All this free time is really getting to me.

Yesterday, I lazed around until 11:30ish and then finally drove over to the gym to work out. I made the mistake of not eating breakfast beforehand, though, and as anyone who knows me would remember; I turn into an absolute witch when hunger pains hit. I'm really quite impossible to deal with. My brief gym trip was followed by a trip to WalMart and then I came home with every intention of showering, getting ready, and tackling my lengthy to do list.

Two and a half hours later, I was finally ready to go. Geez.

I managed to make it to the post office (for you, Emily), and then I drove all the way into Independence when I got the phone call. Someone was giving up a shift at work that started in 2 minutes. Even though I had just driven 15 minutes out of my way, I knew I couldn't turn down the money, so I whipped around and drove back.

I made just over $100 so I'd say it was worth it. Even if my to-do list is still just as long.

It can wait until Monday.... :)


e.brown said…
thank you :)

I shall pay you back :)
Vanessa's Dad said…
I'm learning to enjoy Sundays even more than before, as my To Do list is quite small. Rest and Rejoice in the Lord.

Kendra said…
I am the same way! If I am pressed for time I can get soooo much done. But if I have tons of time...not so much.
Like right now. I don't have to go in until 1pm, yet I am sitting here reading blogs instead of doing chores.