a joy in the ordinary moment

Since the majority of you who read this blog are somehow related to me, you already know this, but CADENCE WAS IN TOWN!
She gave me the most beautiful welcome in the world, with a huge grin, a toddle forward, and outstretched arms. I scooped that little darling up and felt the most overwhelming sense of joy. No amount of graduations, job offers, or successful moves could ever compare to the simple pleasure of holding one of God's miracles in your arms.

Miss you sweet girl! Can't wait until our next great adventure. :)


Anonymous said…
So sweet! What a great aunt you are...at least, I think that she's your niece!
Kendra said…
I agree!! A little glimpse of Heaven for sure =)
Amanda said…
A sweet time indeed! It was so good to see you, even if it was short. Thanks for all the lovin' you give my little girl. My guest bedroom is yours whenever you want to come for some more Cadence time.