If you plan on being involved in my wedding someday, better start workin' on your dance moves NOW because it will be even more amazing than this:


Amanda said…
Wow- what fun! Noah, Cadence and I all watched so we know what you have in mind. Cadence laughed with glee and clapped her hands excitedly. She's getting some Flower Girl practice in in September for her Uncle Josh's wedding FYI. But she can get her groove on as well when you need her :)
Vanessa's Dad said…
Bold!! Dazzingly different.

I'm ready to Dance you Down the Aisle, Darlin'. My handstands need a lot of work, but I'll give it my best shot.

Kendra said…
OHMIGOSH that is AWESOME!!!! Please oh please have your wedding be like that and PLEASE let me be in it!! I will start practicing now!!!
I'll start practicing my darling :)
I saw this a couple days ago and thought of Kendra' wedding and the fun flip flops. I could totally see you and your sisters dancin down the isle! I'll be the one holding the video camera and rooting you on.