creepy eyes and quiet children

Today, I was attempting to refocus my lethargic class (accidentally turned the heat up to 75... overcompensation, anyone?), and used that super cliche teacher phrase: "Eyes on me!"

In my attempt to engage them a bit more, I launched into full Mexican Soap Opera mode and began naming the eyes of students in particular (those least likely to pay attention otherwise), claiming that the one thing I wanted more than anything in the world was to see their BEAUTIFUL "ojos." They giggled a bit, but it totally worked. I was just about to launch into my thrilling explanation of the permission form we were filling out (no WONDER they were so bored), when I heard a sweet voice ask,

"Teacher, do you ever feel creepy with all of our eyes staring at you at once?"

I about died laughing. Kids are so great.

Later, I'm walking back towards my portable with my two new students, and I made a little comment about getting back to the rest of the crazy class to see what they were up to. One girl, totally seriously, looks up at me and says "Well whatever it is, I hope they aren't being quiet... whenever my brother is real quiet, that's when he's doing something REALLY bad."

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my favorite Mexican Soap Opera. If you were present at Thanksgiving, you've already seen this. And loved it, I'm sure.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Fun blog. "Public speaking" is one of the top fears in many. You do a lot of public speaking in front of your class. So, it's natural that many of your students would be in awe of you for seeking to have all eyes on you.

I laughed again at "Que Hora Es?" I find myself thinking about now and again as some mock dramatic moment presents itself, and I know I will never be speechless... for I can always say..."Que hora es?


"M" said…
Oh Natalie!!

I LOVE IT! So glad that you are finding little things to laugh at!