things i love about life right now

1) it is 2:32 and i'm still awake... because i can be.
2) i have no alarm set for tomorrow morning!
3) i'm scheduled for a massage at 3:00 pm. this was a graduation gift from my sister and her boyfriend, but i purposely saved it because i knew i would be wanting one SO BADLY right about now. wise decision.
4) the finale of Survivor is on tomorrow night and Brett is still in the game. so exciting.
5) everything is half off at the Ram on Sunday nights, which is precisely where i am headed after Brett (hopefully) wins Survivor.
6) i can stay out at the Ram as late as i darn well please because....

Praise God, I made it. :)


Vanessa's Dad said…
You not only made "it", but you made a huge difference in the lives of your students. They love you... they're learning to love learning... and they're learning that the Universe is not such a bad place.

Especially at The Ram half-off night. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday.