warning: random

My roommates and I went to the Singing Christmas Tree performance at our neighbor's church on Sunday. Our little neighbor girl had a solo and she came over to personally invite us. I've been to one singing Christmas tree before in my life when I was much younger, and even then I thought the idea was quite ridiculous (no offense to any of you Singing Christmas Tree fanatics). This time was especially memorable as during the 5 minute intermission, Britt and I looked down and discovered there was a bunch of dried puke on the floor... and my purse was sitting right on top of it. FANTASTIC.

Did you know it is a law to pull over a lane when you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road (I5 included)? Yeah, me either. I mean, I'm no dummy. I assumed it was a common courtesy. But I had no clue it was THE LAW. And my ignorance cost me a pretty penny my friends. Not only was I ticketed for breaking that law (I was caught in a sting... in the span of 20 minutes while I was being pulled over, I saw 3 other cars get pulled over for the same thing), but I also received a citation for having an incorrect address on my driver license. $430 later, I've more than learned my lesson.

I had the most fabulous girls night this weekend. We made sugar cookies while drinking wine. Therefore, we made a LOT more sugar cookies than we probably ever needed. They weren't as cute as the ones above, but they were pretty swell none-the-less.

My students and I are writing a class fairy tale right now. We've been studying them for a few weeks. I told them we needed to base our story line off of a famous fairy tale, but that we could change it however we'd like. They chose Little Red Riding Hood (which in Spanish is Caperucita Roja). We changed it to "Little Blue Dress" (Vestidota Azul). The story line is hilarious. Basically there is a giant ogre who is totally jealous of Little Blue Dress's dress. Little Blue Dress is on her way to her grandma's house to get her matching scarf, when the Ogre stops her in the forest and tells her she should walk slower so she doesn't get her dress dirty. Then the Ogre rushes ahead, shoves grandma in the closet, and puts on her clothes.

The scene that follows is yet to be written, but will be somewhere along the lines of "Grandma, how fat you are!" "Grandma, how ugly you are!" etc. Then the Ogre convinces Little Blue Dress to change out of her dress so she can wash it (apparently even though she walked slowly, she still got it dirty), and gives her a magical dress instead, which once Little Blue Dress puts it on she immediately falls into a deep sleep.

The Giant Ogre can't wait to wear her new stolen dress, so she squishes herself into it. But it is, of course, too tight and she can't breathe. So she dies. (Hey, we had to get rid of the evil character somehow).

I'm so impressed with their creativity. :)

Four more days of school and I've reached my first checkpoint! WINTER BREAK! :)


Vanessa's Dad said…
I laughed. I cried. I was moved. I am edified (and I drive more carefully now).

Mostly I'm impressed what a full life you lead, and how you recognize that life is a learning experience to be lived and enjoyed... especially on Christmas Break!

Amanda said…
I deal with A LOT of puke and that story still was gross. Hope your purse was okay. No, I did not know that was a law either. Noah did, he said he knew it was a law in Oregon. Go figure. I'm with you, I thought it was a common courtesy until I saw your FB status. Your kids are very creative- they have a spectacular teacher! Yay for Winter Break- you can make it.
Joelle said…
Your class's fairy tale plot--fantastic. I should get a copy of it so I can read it to my class and they can see what other kids at another school did.