Schuyler's Spaceship

Many of you have yet to meet my darling roommate Schuyler.  In fact, I find it quite strange that I've been living with him for several months, and my family still doesn't have any clue who he is.  The background story is that we were RA's together in college, I was super stressed about moving up to the greater Portland area, my original roommate plan fell through at the very last minute, and a mutual friend of ours recommended I contact him... the rest is history (which is ironic because I just referred to this as "the background story").

Schuyler is from Vida, Oregon.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, "recreational activities" (his words), leadership, cooking, and all around general awesomeness.

This is my first experience EVER living with a boy (no brothers for me), and so far it's been just super.

Also, just to dispel any rumors: he is not gay and we are NOT dating.

Here are some pictures for your entertainment:


Halloween 2006... yes I did go as a Red Robin Server (pathetic)

 The night I tried to straighten Schuyler's hair...

 After a rainy walk through the oh-so-lovely town of Monmouth to pursue our first sushi-eating experience.
Our super-awesome, matching sweatshirts.

And this, if it will ever upload, is a wonderful insight into our lives as grad-students.  We have a lot of fun here.  You probably want to be our friends, and you might even be slightly jealous at how fantastic we are, and that's okay.


Jules said…
LMAO... OMG that was hilarious! I am so glad you guys get along. What a great friendship!

Amanda said…
Yeah, that was hilarious! made me giggle. How fantastic to have that much fun at home at the end of the day :)
Vanessa's Dad said…
You ARE Super Fun. It's a gift.

Carol J. Brown said…
Really enjoyed "meeting" Schuyler. (Grad school appears to be more fun than I thought!)

Love, Aunt Carol
it's just "M" said…
Oh, Natalie! I love it. I seriously need to come visit. Soon I promise! :)
It appears your mental health will be well cared for! Can't wait to meet your fun-loving roomie.