Family Style

So he maybe doesn't always usually put the seat down, and perhaps the dishes pile up a little higher in the sink than I particularly enjoy (I've learned I'm a dish-nazi.  It's about the only domestic thing I care about).

But there are a few things I absolutely adore about living with Shoes (nickname).

1) He loves to get the mail.  Like loves it.  It's awesome because in the past few houses I've lived in,  mail-retrieval has been such a problem, it actually had to be added to a chore chart.  Yes, getting the mail is a chore to me.  Luckily, I don't have to worry about it anymore. :)

2) He also enjoys vacuuming.  Is it just me or do vacuum lines in the carpet make your house look 184104810458148x cleaner, or what?  Same with making your bed every day.  Which I do.  Honest.  Can't properly begin my day unless it's made.

3) Style advice.  And not just from a girlfriend, who may or may not tell me the truth because she's afraid of offending me.  He's brutally honest.  As in, sometimes the second I exit my room he orders me to turn right back around and change because "there is no way you are going to work wearing that!"

4) Cabernet Sauvignon.  Preferably in a bottle that cost less than $8 (bonus points if you can get it for less than $5).  We just LOVE the stuff.

5) Family style.  We plan our meals for the week on Sundays (and lately we even do our grocery shopping together), and take turns cooking.  This is a win-win because not only do we get a few days off from cooking each week, but we also get to try way more interesting recipes.  Some are awesome (our favorites: African Peanut Soup, crock pot chicken and dumplings, seared steaks with gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions, sloppy joes, and home made pizza)... some are not so awesome (chicken curry salad).

And with that, here is a picture of my dear roommate at 8:00 am, chopping veggies and loading the crockpot for an extra spicy lentil soup.  Yummm.


Carol J. Brown said…
That crock pot creation looks really good!

Love, Aunt Carol
Vanessa's Dad said…
And Healthy, too!