Okay God, I'm listening!

I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions.  Especially true since January actually falls in the middle of the academic year, which is my primary calendar.

In any case, this year I decided I'd really like to read my Bible more.  Ideally, every day.  I read a lot of Christian books and blogs, and I attend church regularly.  Therefore (until recently), I've let myself off the hook, feeling like I was doing my "Christian Duty."  But, as any of you who read Christian books and blogs and regularly attend church know, the main theme through nearly every message is the importance of diving directly and personally (and daily) into the Word of God.

So, Monday morning:

I set my alarm for 5:30, staggered and groaned my way through a shower, and then dusted off my Solo Devotional (it goes with the Message Bible, my favorite translation), and begin my new resolution.  This particular entry was from Genesis, about the forbidden fruit/original sin/fall of man.  It's a story I've heard a million times before.  I zoned out.  It went something like this:

"Blah blah... Old Testament God was kind of scary .... blah blah blah.... MAN did Adam and Eve screw it up.... blah blah blah.... is this really why it hurts so much (or so I've heard) to give birth?...blah blah... we are all sinners... blah blah.... DANG!  Look at the time!  I need to get ready or I'm going to be late!"

I patted myself on the back for completing today's devotional, sat down in front of my mirror, and begin blow drying my hair.  I kid you not,  it wasn't even a full minute later when - POOF! - my hair dryer blew up, right in my very hands.

Okay God, I get it. You want more from me than a pitiful sense of accomplishment.

P.S. At least I got a shiny new red hair dryer out of the deal! :)


Vanessa's Dad said…
Oh, Natalie. U R funny! Your life could be a TV show. Or, at least a good short story... "Adventures of a New Year's Devotionalholic."


PS Keep an eye out for your sister at PSU. :)
Vanessa Brown said…
Love that devotional!
And I have the same dryer!
Amanda said…
So I am very easily distractable...and so when I read your love of the Solo, I immediately switched over to Amazon.com to see about ordering me a copy, and now, an hour later, I'm back finishing your entry and excited to see that Nessa also loves the devotional- here's to better time with God and dry hair in the cold New Year! Love you Blondie!
Carol J. Brown said…
I want to avoid whatever brand that first dryer was!

Love, Aunt Carol
Kendra said…
HA! Yes, that is a CLEAR message if I've heard one!