Conversations you might hear around my apartment...

A Little Geography Lesson
 Schuyler (bursting into my bedroom): NATALIE!  What is the bordering state between Oregon and Wyoming?

Natalie: Is this some sort of trick question?

Schuyler: No, I'm being serious.  What state is sandwiched between Oregon and Wyoming?

Natalie: Idaho.... right?  (the answer is so obvious, he's making me question myself...)

Schuyler: CORRECT!  (turns to leave)

Natalie: Care to explain what just happened?

Schuyler:  The guy on Jeopardy - who is from LAKE OSWEGO - didn't know.  He guessed Nevada.

(we both crack up laughing)

Natalie: It's fun to make fun of stupid people sometimes, isn't it?

Misery Loves Company 
Natalie: (singing) Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fala- why do I have Christmas Carols stuck in my head?  (background story: yesterday, it was "Little Drummer Boy" for no apparent reason.  And yes, it's January)

Schuyler: Why do I have PINK stuck in my head?  ("Raise Your Glass" for anyone who is wondering which song it was)

Natalie: At least it's better than Katy Perry.

Schuyler: Not by much.

The Case of the Missing Tupperware
Schuyler: Where the heck is all of our tupperware going?  Don't you feel like our supply is WAY low?  

Natalie: (knowing for certain that what she is about to say is the absolute truth) I don't know Schuyler.  I bring mine home every single day and put it directly into the dishwasher.

Schuyler: (somewhat defensively) I do too!  (opens a cupboard) Hmm... I have three in here (notices one on the stove)... and one there... (opens the freezer)... and two here.... (and finally the fridge)... and one here.

(10 minutes later, from his bedroom) ... and one in my backpack.


Carol J. Brown said…
Entertaining roommate.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Could be a TV series.