Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Reminiscing in the computer lab yesterday about how terrified I initially was to switch from floppy disks to jump drives ... and feeling really old.
You better believe I had a fancy case like this for mine.
  •  Searching for roommates on craigslist.  So far I've come across a lot of ads for "420 friendly" and "vegans only" houses or 40 year old men.  Yikes.

  • I hung up the phone with a friend last week and instead of saying goodbye, he said "Well, probably see you on facebook later."  So sad, but so true.
  • Frantically trying to put your change back into your wallet at the bank or the store.  I don't know why, but I always feel soooo awkward.  Actually, I do know why:
    1) The bank teller/cashier has already said "Have a nice day/night!" to me.  And I've appropriately responded.  And yet, I'm still standing there.
    2) The person standing behind me is waiting.  Come on guys, nobody likes an audience.
    3) I'm OCD about how I store my money in my wallet.  I prefer to put like-bills together, so I can find them easier next time.
    4) They always hand you your coins first, and then your bills - into the same hand.  What am I supposed to do with that?  So I have to transfer them from one hand to the other, zip open the coin pouch, put the coins away, sort through the bills to put them in the correct order, put them in their pocket, return my wallet to my backpack/purse, and walk away.  It's stressful. 

  • Rubber cement.  My most favorite adhesive.
  • Tonight I'm going on a fun date with my friend Charisse to watch Schuyler's Comps Presentation.  We're so proud of that kid!
  • Target now has a full grocery section.
This could either be the best, or the worst, thing that has ever happened to me in my life.
  • Good hair days.
  • The Asteroids Galaxy, "The Golden Age."  The twins got me hooked.  Yes, you're reading this correctly.  My one year old niece and nephew got me hooked on a song.


LOVE the last awesome entry :)
Kendra said…
Yea for Luke and Abbey's music influence!!
Angela said…
I feel awkward about that money situation too! I felt awkward when I was a cashier too-- I never wanted to rush anyone but it seems like you can't avoid those weird moments! Just an odd social situation. Wonder if that's an American thing or if that's worldwide...