Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Watching movies with a family member when a sex scene comes on the screen.  I thought the awkwardness went away after a certain age (you know, like, puberty), but nope, I still feel tooooootally weird about it.
  • Walking out of the grocery store with a super purposeful, "I'm about to get stuff done" stride, which is instantly halted by the frequent (we're talking, like, 9 times out of 10) realization: I have no idea where my car is parked.
  • Yawns that get caught in the back of your throat
  • I think Schuyler may have joined a cult.  No seriously.  Here's my evidence so far:
    • He recently drastically changed his physical appearance.  New haircut, new glasses, new wardrobe.  I hardly recognize the kid.
    • He dragged me to a super exclusive initiation ceremony a few weeks ago, to which he did not invite any of his family members
    • Lately he has been attending a lot of late night "meetings"
    • He keeps referencing getting "hooded" at a "hooding ceremony"
    • I found the following items in his closet conveniently laying around the house (hey, I'm no snoop!)
Creepy black robe with an odd colorful attachment
Close up of the odd attachment thing.  It came with some sort of diagram, which I was unable to decipher.
Zoom in, if you can, on the symbols.  WHAT?!??!

  • I'm officially halfway to a MASTER'S DEGREE!!!
  • Drinking maybe a little too much at happy hour to celebrate bullet point number one, deciding to go shopping, ending up at Nordstrom Rack, and finding a pair of dark skinny jeans for $4!  Perhaps I shall go post-happy hour shopping more often.
  • Snickerdoodle Muffins.  You have got to try these.  DELICIOUS.
  • Schuyler got a job!!!  He's going back to our old stomping grounds, Western Oregon University, as the Coordinator of Housing Operations and Conference Programs.  YEAAAA!
  • The super sweet birthday gift I bought for Shoes. It's a really neato wine rack.  Here's a picture, so you can see how awesome it is for yourself:


Carol J. Brown said…
Congrats to Schuyler on his job! And to you for being halfway through. And I copied the recipe for the snickerdoodle muffins.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Amen to that.

U R so funny.

Amanda said…
Yay for Schuyler's new job! Totally awkward on the sex scene's- I hear ya! Good job on the Nordstrom Rack find. There supposedly is one here (although there is no Nordstroms- odd, I know) I should probably go find it....then again, maybe not. I want some Snickerdoodle Muffins. Will you please make some for me next time you are in the desert? Have a great weekend!