I've learned...

  • that there are people who say they will always be there for you, and then those who don't have to. It's the latter you can really trust.
  • that it really is the little things that count
  • that a cheap bottle of champagne may not make you feel fancy, but it can sure make you feel good.
  • that you haven't truly lived until you've laughed so hard you've peed your pants (even just a little)
  • that life is WAY too short to always be on time
  • the value of a reliable car
  • that no one will make you happy 100% of the time
  • just how quickly money SPENT becomes money FORGOTTEN
  • that everything really does happen for a reason
  • that everyone has SOMETHING to offer
  • if a guy can't take 2 seconds out of his life to open a door for me, he is certainly not someone I'm interested in dating
  • that I am sometimes (though not often) wrong
  • that there are very few things in life that can't be made better with a hug

just thought i'd share.


Amanda said…
Wise words. thanks for sharing.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Proverbs from Natalie...

At the "Blazing Saddles" bonfire scene, I laughed so hard that I literally fell out of my theatre chair. Fortunately, I was in an aisle seat... But, my pants.... dry :)

Good stuff! Made me smile and nod.