motorcycle diaries

One more journal entry from Costa Rica (how I miss those wild-child days):

Dear Journal,

Tonight my brother asked if I wanted to go on a motorcycle ride with him. Heck yeah I did. I wanted to ride a motorcycle! So I hopped on and we started heading for San Vito with ChiChi and someone else. At first I was a little scared because they were all wearing huge helmets and I had nothing. But then we sped up and the wind was flowing in my face and it literally took my breath away. But in that one moment, without my breath, I felt more alive than I have in a lon time. As we neared San Vito, however, it started to rain. Which was painful when traveling at that speed. So we stopped and turned around.

I thought we were heading home. ChiChi and the other guy stopped at the Riviera (the only restaurant in town) and we kept going. We headed straight towards our house, but then sped right past it. We kept going and going farthur away from the town.

After awhile my knees were killing me and I just wanted to stop and turn around. I began praying that God would give JuanJose (my brother) the message and we would go home.

Man am I glad He didn't. Next thing I know, we're stopped at some random building... on the border of Panama. We actually WENT to Panama. It was so great! We walked around downtown and everything. I loved it. What an awesome surprise!

It's not so bad having a brother...



Vanessa's Dad said…
This reminds me a bit of "Motorcycle Diaries" the movie, featuring Che Guevera's life, the early years. I think I'm glad to read this journal a year or so AFTER you were whipping down the wet road on the back of a motorcycle in a foreign country.